Workplace Foundation

After over a decade of growing a commercial contemporary art gallery from our base in Gateshead we felt that we could do more for our community, so in 2017 we set up our charity (non-profit): Workplace Foundation


Workplace Foundation supports the development of emerging and under-represented artists and local communities through a rigorous and engaging programme of exhibitions and events. It aims to enrich the cultural life of the North of England by creating opportunities for the public to engage with art of exceptional quality, and to create a much larger audience for art through the Foundation’s local and international networks.

Workplace Foundation serves the communities of Gateshead and the North of England and aims to contribute to the regional art scene, and establish the area as a vital cultural centre within the UK.


Workplace Foundation is a registered charity, a separate company to Workplace Gallery Ltd (Workplace) and has its own governance structure and board of trustees. 

It is core funded by Arts Council England as part of ACE's National Portfolio of Organisations, and it is supported by philanthropic donations from individuals as well as trusts and foundations.


There are a number of different ways you can support Workplace Foundation. Please email: to discuss.


Click here to visit the Workplace Foundation website.