Jacob Dahlgren: Kung Fu Panda: WORKPLACE GATESHEAD

25 April - 23 May 2015

Kung Fu Panda is a new video work by Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren in which he films the reflected ambient light on an adjacent white wall at  home, whilst his children  are watching the eponymous animated feature film. Filmed in High Definition from a fixed camera position and projected as a single work in a gallery context Dahlgren’s Kung Fu Panda becomes an absorbing  and  constantly  changing  digital  colour field  painting  that  manifests a  subtlety  at odds  with  the  apparent  chaos  of  the original film dubbed  in  Swedish, and  the  surrounding scenario as the artist’s children watch whilst carrying on their own everyday conversations.

In an adjacent room Dahlgren presents a readymade series entitled When  The  Sky  Is  The Limit. Consisting of framed double page spreads from in-flight magazines collected by Dahlgren, each image is selected, isolated, and framed according to its inherent relationship to abstraction.