Mike Pratt: The Meeting of Two Eyebrows: WORKPLACE LONDON

21 November 2014 - 31 January 2015

Workplace  Gallery is pleased to announce The Meeting of Two Eyebrows first solo  exhibition of Mike Pratt at Workplace London comprising  an installation of  recent sculpture  and painting made during  the summer of 2014.


"All  of  the  works  are  loosely  based  around  the  theme  of  the  torso,  with  the  waxcast  paintings  being produced using the same mold. In total there are 5 paintings and 5 vibrating bikers. I had always wanted to work with worn out leather jackets as a material just because they hold a close relationship to painting, with a  layered  surface  revealing  actions  and  incidents.  I  wanted  these  objects  to  be  presented  as  a  portrait, emulating  an  experience.  Their  frayed  hair  extensions  (garnished  with  seashells  and  feathers)  allow  a  non-verbal  declaration  towards  the  quintessential  outsider,  describing  their  characteristics  through  materiality. The paintings are abstractions; they mimic each other's form and share a domestic dining room scale. Their nature is pointed towards romantic notions and vague uncertainties. My position whilst making theseworks was always to push and pull the outcomes of the process, making space to rely on intuitive remarks." 


Mike Pratt, 2014