Eric Bainbridge is a British sculptor widely considered an influential figure to a younger generation of established British artists. Initially recognised in the 1980s for his object-based works covered in synthetic fur, Bainbridge has evolved an extensive sculptural practice addressing existential themes on an everyday level through playful assemblages. Constructed out of commonplace objects and inexpensive building materials, his pieces continuously re-contextualize Modernist principles through a reconsideration of the found object, its material qualities and the aesthetic values associated with it. Carefully staged, Bainbridge's assemblages investigate the domestic and the everyday whilst reflexively engaging with traditional sculptural concerns.


Eric Bainbridge (b. 1955, Consett, UK) studied at Newcastle Polytechnic and completed a Masters in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art, London in 1981. Bainbridge has exhibited in significant solo exhibitions including: Workplace, London (2021), Monitor, Rome (2017), The New Art Gallery Walsall, Walsall (2012), Camden Arts Centre, London (2012), MIMA, Middlesbrough (2008), Salvatore Ala, New York and Milan (2004), Pittsburg Centre for the Arts, Pittsburg (1992), The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (1989), ICA, Boston (1987) and Walker Art Centre, Minnieapolis (1986). Group shows include: Yoshimi Arts, Tokyo (2019), Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham Museums (2018), Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art, London (2017), Haus Modrath - Raume fur Kunst, Kerzen (2017), The Royal Academy of Arts, London (2015), Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield (2015) Drawing Biennial, The Drawing Room, London (2013), Venice Biennale, Venice (1986 and 1990). Bainbridge’s work is in the Tate Collection, UK; New Art Gallery Walsall Collection, UK; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL; Leeds City Art Gallery, UK; Arts Council of England, Collection amongst others.