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    Workplace is delighted to launch Primer a new series of online exhibitions which shed light on the artistic processes behind a single finished work. Focusing on a new painting by Louise Giovanelli from her curtain series, this exhibition invites the viewer on a journey of discovery of the artist's studio practice.




  • Louise Giovanelli, Dyer, 2020, 170 x 260cm (diptych)

    Louise Giovanelli, Dyer, 2020, 170 x 260cm (diptych)






    “It is about the power of illusion and the power of what you see on the surface and the tension between representation and reality of what's there and what's suggested. And that thin line that separates the picture plane from the pictorial space: what's inside that image and what's represented on the surface of the canvas.”


    - Maria H. Loh



  • 'Dyer’ is part of the curtain series which the artist has been developing over the past year. The depicted object,...




    'Dyer’ is part of the curtain series which the artist has been developing over the past year. The depicted object, removed from its context, alludes to what has been obscured and functions as an invitation to enter an unknown space.


    Similar to films with non-linear plots or unfinished scripts, ‘Dyer’ offers a space for contemplation where a particular atmosphere is conveyed through light and colour alone.






    Louise Giovanelli, Dyer, (Detail) 2020, Oil on canvas, 170 x 260cm (diptych)








    "Through a process of assembling, collaging and placing together imagery from various sources, the subject matter of Giovanelli’s work takes shape. Although dozens of images inform a single work, we have selected the images below from the mood board on the artist’s studio, which demonstrate Louise’s wider practice as well as having a direct reference to Dyer


    - Miles Thurlow





    “All of these things combine to create a kind of tone or a mood. Ultimately I am thinking of my work altogether as a distilled film, trying to create a very contemplative atmosphere”


    - Louise Giovanelli

  • Footage of Louise Giovanelli in her studio from an Arts Council supported project at Paradise Works, Manchester. Courtesy of Stephen Iles.

  • Louise Giovanelli was born in London in 1993 and lives and works in Manchester UK. She completed her BA in...



    Louise Giovanelli was born in London in 1993 and lives and works in Manchester UK. She completed her BA in Fine Art at Manchester School of Art in 2015, and she recently studied at Städelschule in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany under Amy Sillman.


    Her work was recently featured in The Anomie Review of Contemporary British Painting published by Anomie Press. Recent solo exhibitions include Aerial Silk, Grimm, New York; Manchester Art Gallery and A Throw to the Side, Warrington Museum and Art Gallery; Slow to Respond, Touchstones Gallery, Rochdale; From Here to Here, Part 1 & 2, The Grundy Gallery, Blackpool.


    Giovanelli’s work is in numerous museum collections including: The University of Salford Art Collection; The Grundy Gallery Collection; Manchester Art Gallery Collection; Warrington Museum and Art Gallery Collection; Touchstones Gallery Collection; and Private Collections in UK, USA, Canada, China, Slovakia, Germany, and Italy.






    Bibliography / Playlist


    Compiled by Louise Giovanelli


    The texts and music included are all sources that have sparked an interest for the artist and in a peripheral or substantial way have informed her practice.

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