Art Licks

Publisher: Evolution, Sheffield

Dimensions: 205 x 275 mm

Pages: 76

Issue 23
Art Licks
Autumn 2018


Issue 23 has been co-edited by George Vasey and Holly Willats, who have themed the magazine with the title Peripheries, which coincides with the Art Licks Weekend 2018: Peripheries.

Through this issue, Art Licks wanted to investigate how positioning on the periphery of the central art structure creates alternative opportunities for working with others through languages of care and support, and find situations for collaboration that are focused on process: on the making and doing.


Contributing artists and writers 

Holly Argent, Bruce Asbestos, Simeon Barclay, Simon Bayliss, Bryony Bond, Dean Brierley, Leah Carless, CIRCA Projects, Laura Clarke, Seán Elder, Niomi Fairweather, Foundation Press, Andrew Gillespie, Tom Godfrey, GU Women, Nadia Hebson, John Heffernan, Emily Hesse, Tulani Hlalo, Rebecca Huggan, Kevin Hunt, INGRESS, Khush Kali, Daniel Sean Kelly, lewdjaw, Alison Lloyd, David McLeavy, Harry Meadley, Sophie Michael, Aidan Moesby, Paul Moss, Andrew Munks, Mathew Parkin, Helen Pheby, Nina Royle, Janina Sabaliauskaite, Zoë Sawyer, Nicola Singh, Holly Slingsby, Adam Smythe, Nick Thurston, Tough Matter, Lauren Velvick.

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