Eric Bainbridge - Collages

Stephen Snoddy, Jonathan Griffin, 2012

Publisher: The New Art Gallery Walsall

ISBN: 978-1-907363-01-6

"Between my head and my hand there is always the face of death" - Francis Picabia

Since his emergence in the 1980's Eric Bainbridge has blended the concerns, methods and constructs of Modernism and Conceptualism with everyday culture to create his own unique iconography: often amusing, always persuasive and engaging.

Through 'cut and paste', the old way of doing, Bainbridge creates new relationships between images that have been abstracted and detached from their original source and context of brand and commercial message.

These collages are glistening and playful, even risqué (can images be risqué these days?!). A surface fetish is present: skin glows, hair shines and eyes glisten, colour is sumptuous.  There is a push / pull of repulsion and attraction, Bainbridge has looked too carefully at the pages of fashion and lifestyle magazines.

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