Laughing in a Foreign Language

Mami Kataoke, Simon Critchley, Ralph Rugoff, 2008

Publisher: Haywood Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-853-32266-2


Laughing in a Foreign Language explores the role of laughter and humour in contemporary art through the work of over 30 international artists working in a range of media, including video, photography and interactive installation. In an era of globalisation, this book asks whether humour can act as catalyst for understanding the unfamiliar.

Fully illustrated, and with essays by Mami Kataoke (Hayward International Curator) and Simon Critchley (Professor of Philosophy at the New School for Social Research, New York), Laughing in a Foreign Language investigates the whole spectrum of humour in contempoary art, from jokes, gags and slapstick to irony, wit and satire.

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