Initially developing out of the artist-led scene in the North of England, Workplace Gallery was founded by Paul Moss and Miles Thurlow in 2004. 


Moss and Thurlow opened their first gallery 'Workplace Gallery' at 34 Ellison Street in 2005 which was part of the Brutalist masterpiece Trinity Square (designed by Rodney Gordon for Owen Luder Partnerships in 1967), known locally as the 'Get Carter Carpark' due to its prominent role in the 1971 cult movie starring Micheal Caine.

Workplace relocated to The Old Post House, Gateshead in 2007, due to the demolition of the Trinity Square complex by Gateshead Council. 


From its Gateshead base the gallery rapidly became a leading commercial contemporary art gallery located outside of London in England, regularly taking part in major international art fairs, and placing its artists in collections and exhibitions worldwide.


In February 2019, Paul Moss very sadly died due to complications arising from Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome. You can read some of the tributes to Paul here


WORKPLACE continues to be led under the direction of Miles Thurlow