27 March - 14 June 2014

This new body of work by  Laura Lancaster is drawn together from themes emerging through her recent practice exploring aspects of the uncanny,  the subconscious,  and shared authorship.  Through the painterly reanimation of the discarded photographic image, Lancaster explores her ideas of the figurative painter as medium and necromancer.


“The work  in the  current exhibition  at  Workplace  London has  an intentionally  darker tone than previous work. I chose to select images of clowns, people in fancy dress and wearing masks. This kind of imagery has interested me for some time and I wanted to focus my work for this exhibition on a specific theme.This work focuses  on the  nature of the encounter  between the  viewer and  the work,  creating a  charged confrontation. This new  body of  work develops  on from  ideas of  reanimation and  rescue of  found inert images and presents the subjects of these paintings as a series of characters trapped in limbo. Rather than simply elevating  the banal  or mundane  to the  monumental,  this work  investigates a  more fluid  relationship between images and their reading when re-contextualised. The image of the clown presents an opportunity for new layers of meaning: the idea of two faces at once, with both being equally "real" or "true", and also the painting of a photograph of someone wearing a mask adds another layer to this. In a way, the painting is  also  a  mask,  that  simultaneously  reveals  information  whilst  also  making  us  constantly  aware  of  the painting’s constructed nature.”


Laura Lancaster, 2014