Marcus Coates: Vision Quest: A Ritual for Elephant and Castle: WORKPLACE GATESHEAD

18 January - 15 March 2014

Vision  Quest:  A  Ritual for  Elephant  &  Castle explores  the major  transitions that  have been taking place in the  South  London neighbourhood.  In response  to the  Council's formal vision and master  plan for  redevelopment,  Coates involves  residents from  the soon  to be demolished  Heygate  Estate,  council planners  and developers  to evoke  an alternative collective vision that considers the complexities and value of what is soon to be dismantled. Vision  Quest:  A  Ritual for  Elephant  &  Castle is one  of the  outcomes of  a  residency undertaken by commissioner and producer Nomad and Marcus Coates over 3 years. At the centre of  the film  is the  improvised live  rock-shamanic-ritual collaboration  between  Coates and Chrome Hoof staged within the legendary Coronet Theatre, one of the oldest buildings in the area.


Vision Quest: A Ritual for Elephant & Castle was commissioned by Nomad and features the band Chrome Hoof.