Wolfgang Weileder: Morimaru: WORKPLACE GATESHEAD

18 January - 15 March 2014

Workplace  Gallery are  delighted to  announce the  opening of  Morimaru a  solo exhibition  of new photographic work by Wolfgang Weileder.


Taking its  title from  the  Celtic name  for the  North  Sea, Morimaru presents an  installation of large-scale images taken at specific coastal locations in North East England. Each work is constructed using customised digital cameras that take one-pixel wide vertical recordings of seascapes at  regular intervals  during the  hours before  and after  the sunset.  These slice-recordings  are then  conflated into  single photographs  with the  time progressing  from left  to right to create an entirely new image.


"Weileder’s Seascapes focus upon the effects of the presence or absence of a light source. Rather than photographing, in typical elegiac manner, the glowing transience of a closing day, Weileder’s systematic recording across  time produces  rather than  merely preserves the form  of the  image.  The  Seascapes present a  different kind  of beauty,  with the  symmetry of  the image  marked by  a  hazy,  perfect cross signalling the intersection of sea, sky, day and night. The coordinates of space and time are overlaid."


Rachel Wells, 'Space-Crossed Time: Mapping the Co-ordinates of Wolfgang Weileder's Photography and Installation'. (Extract) 


Wolfgang Weileder is  an artist  whose practice  is primarily  concerned with  the examination and critical  deconstruction of  architecture,  public spaces  and the interactions  we have  with our  environment.  His works  are investigations  into the  relationship between time  and space,  the interface  between reality  and synthetic, and how  these can  be explored  to question our  understanding of  the environment  we see  and experience. His works  include large-scale temporary  site-specific architectural  installation,  sculpture,  photography,  film, performance and sound installation.