23 November 2013 - 11 January 2014

Rachel  Lancaster's  recent works  are derived  from her  interest in  the intersections  between Music,  Film,  and  Photography,  their respective  transitions from  analogue to  digital,  and the potential for  imagery to  communicate beyond  the immediate  through the  way they  are constructed and received.  


Voicings is an HD video and audio work depicting a spot-lit section of floor in an otherwise dark and undefined  space which  is accompanied  by a  responsive soundtrack by  musician  Lucy Johnson. To create the work Lancaster has made and filmed a tabletop tableaux constructed from cardboard  and a  hand held  torch making  a  moving image  that contains  only the  most subtle and almost  imperceptible atmospheric  changes.    Johnson’s  minimal soundtrack  flirts with the  image and  the viewer,  simultaneously activating  and frustrating  the space  with the constant potential for something other to interrupt the space.


Formation is a  series of  works in  which  Lancaster uses an  HD  video projector  to present  a single still digital image. As with Voicings, each Formation work is created in the artist’s studio. In this  case,  Lancaster uses  a Cloud  Tank,  a  technique developed in  the  1970’s  involving tanks of fresh water, salt, and milk, to create a wide variety of atmospheric effects for Cinema including classics  such at Close  Encounters of  the  Third  Kind, Raiders of  the  Lost  Ark,  and Poltergeist. The projected still image presents us with a pictorial scenario we are so familiar with that  we are  deceived into  believing that  the clouds  are perpetually  moving before  our eyes.