Matt Antoniak

11 May - 15 June 2019 Gateshead

Over the past year and a half, Matt Antoniak has quietly collected the scraps of paper used to test materials in an art shop. These scraps of paper are covered in doodles, throwaway marks and inconsequential scribes. These images are then cropped and scaled up, before being painted in forensic details. Working in this manner is an attempt to step away from the prevailing 20th century idea of the genial artist, creates micro-authorships and uses chance to push against ideas of individualism. Antoniak is interested in the interplay between scrutinising these marks at a forensic level of detail, before translating and re-presenting them, and the chance element of using the found bits of paper. In the creation of these works, the artist is reliant upon others. The demographic of people who enter the art shop is broad, with many being 'hobbyists' or amateurs, some children and some professionals. By faithfully recreating these marks in paint, Antoniak toys with the idea of artistic hierarchy, time and chance.


Matt Antoniak was born in 1991 in Nottingham, UK. Antoniak lives and works in Newcastle upon Tyne.