Eyeliner presents a selection of single screen short form works by artists and filmmakers associated with the North East of England. Ranging from documentary to gallery installation, a deliberately eclectic mix of works explores the dispelling of myths, uncovering ideas around sense of place and notions of miscommunication. Eyeliner refers to ‘eyeliner matching’ a continuity method of editing conventional film, that provides the viewer with what is assumed to be, the character’s gaze. The films selected for Eyeliner offer new viewpoints and re-tellings of certain mythologised narratives in our society, such as: women’s health, visual impairment and imprisonment.


In the context of the Women Artists of the North East Library, these films remind us that narratives are constructed; they can be imagined, memorised, or deliberately misconstrued. Building new narrative(s) requires a re-alignment of our gaze and to re-evaluate existing stories.


Eyeliner features work by:

Ellie Land

Lyn Hagan

Cath Campbell

Geetha J

Leah Millar


Programmed by Cecilia Stenbom and Holly Argent for the exhibition Women Artists of the North East Library at Workplace Foundation, Gateshead (22nd June – 9th September).

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