Artists Talk and Festive Drinks: Emily Hesse in canoversation with Rose Lejeune

18 December 2018
Workplace Foundation, Gateshead In conversation from 18:30 - 19:30, XMAS Drinks from 19:30 onwards

Emily Hesse will talk about her solo exhibition The Taste of this History: a Church in my Mouth with Rose Lejeune followed by festive food and drinks at the gallery. All welcome.

Rose Lejeune is a curator and researcher working with public institutions and private individuals to explore collecting contemporary art with a specific interest in context-based, social and performative practices.  In addition to regular writing and public speaking on these topics, this activity is delivered through several avenues.


Collecting the Ephemeral, a consultancy, commissioning and research project. Running since autumn 2015 and articulating itself through a series of new commissions within existing collections, consultancy and policy review, and public programming, it explores how can artists with social, process-based and ephemeral practices be represented in collections and how artists re-imagine collections through interactions with them. Current and recent projects include a year-long series of new collection commissions at the Victoria Museum and Gallery, Liverpool; a strategic review for the University of Salford Art collection; a study day for the Contemporary Art Society and work with private collectors.


Gallery Lejeune, an exhibition programme that investigates ways in which context-based, performative and ephemeral work can be archived and collected within a domestic setting. Each exhibition is built around a series of events such as dinners, performances, talks etc.  These programmes create a context from which to discuss notions of value and legacy in relation to intimacy, performativity and process in private collections.


Rose is also the Associate Curator for the Delfina Foundation's Collecting as Practice programme. A research and residency project, the programme explores collecting and collections as sites with the potential for active and critical engagement in the development of cultural identity, revisionist histories and new narratives. The programme unpacks how artists and collectors alike are redefining the critical discourses of collecting in a global context. The programme has included significant interaction with both private collectors and public museum collections including the editing of the publication A Selective Guide to the V&A's South Asian Collection, a book that came out of the artist Avani Tanya's residency at the V&A.


Finally, Rose is a PhD candidate at Goldsmith's College, University of London.  Her research focuses on social practice, process and notions of transaction in the art market.


Seen as a whole, Rose's work addresses some key gaps in the contemporary art market and explores experimental methodologies for the commissioning and preservation of an expanded range of contemporary art practices within collections both public and private.