Wolfgang Weileder German, b. 1965

Concerned with the examination and critical deconstruction of architecture, public spaces, and our interactions with the urban environment. Wolfgamg Weileder's works investigate the relationship between time and space, the interface between permanence and transience, and how these can be explored to question our understanding of both built and natural landscape.

His work engages with the world through large-scale, site-specific installation and sculpture; temporal recordings of spaces and environments through photography, film, performance and sound installation.


Recent exhibitions and projects include Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, Germany; Die Begnadigung / la Sospensione Neon Gallery, Bologna, Italy; Wolfgang Weileder Projects 2002-2008 ASSAB ONE, Milan, Italy; Slapende Meermin Martelarenplein STUK Leuven, Belgium; transfer Milton Keynes Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK; house-Birmingham IKON Gallery, Birmingham, UK