Louise Giovanelli makes intense, luminous, paintings that refer both to art history and contemporary mechanics of viewing and consuming imagery. Cropped and isolated images gleaned from historical painting are repeated and restated, dislocated from their origin and repositioned within a rhizomatic sequence of works. Giovanelli employs a layering technique to build works that simultaneously composite multiple modes of representation and painterly lexicons of flatness, translucence, abstraction and realism.


Emphasised by underpainting revealed beneath and below the image; and finished with gestural glyph-like inscriptions on top of the illusionistic surface, Giovanelli’s works flit restlessly through a multiplicity of painterly strategies bringing together interruptions, false starts, and obfuscation into a corrupted yet beautiful polyphonic totality. 


Louise Giovanelli was born in London in 1993 and lives and works in Manchester UK. She completed her BA in Fine Art at Manchester School of Art in 2015, and she recently studied at Städelschule in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany under Amy Sillman.


Her work was recently featured in The Anomie Review of Contemporary British Painting published by Anomie Press. Recent solo exhibitions include Aerial Silk, Grimm, New York; Manchester Art Gallery and A Throw to the Side, Warrington Museum and Art Gallery; Slow to Respond, Touchstones Gallery, Rochdale; From Here to Here, Part 1 & 2, The Grundy Gallery, Blackpool.


Giovanelli’s work is in numerous museum collections including: ICA Miami, The University of Salford Art Collection; The Grundy Gallery Collection; Manchester Art Gallery Collection; Warrington Museum and Art Gallery Collection; The Whitworth Art Gallery collection, and the Touchstones Gallery Collection amongst others.